About us

Established (Warsaw) in 2019, Medka is a small, artisan label that offers a thoughtfully curated collection of premium everyday medical clothing.

Made from the innovative fabrics, we specialize in supremely comfortable scrubs that can be worn in multiple scenarios and allow look effortlessly smart for work. We make clothing that adds value, not clutter.

We research categories, evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, filter them through our values, to create subtly innovative and elevated product.

Our founder

Marika Bury-Kubacka set out to create a medical apparel brand grounded in quality – clean minimal design, the innovative fabrics, and quality craftsmanship.

Before Medka, Marika has served for more than five years as a dentist in reputable dental clinics. She earned her DDS degree at the Wroclaw Medical University, one of the most renowned public medical schools in Poland. Her family has a deeply-rooted history in the textile industry.

Marika focuses on leading the design and art direction process for Medka.

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